ATDD at Bugday 2013

Last 2 weeks before joined CSPO class in Singapore. I went to “BugDay 2013” one of the most active event in Thailand. It’s actually running by Tester Group, 4 years before all topics in this event were about testing techniques or sometime called “How to kill programmer?”. However, I was asked to join this event as guest speaker since 2009 and I always be there with one topic “Test Driven Development”.

This year the situation is getting better, software tester group now more understand new way of working with programmer and pay attention more in ATDD.As a result, I was asked to conduct one BDD/ATDD workshop. It’s very simple workshop which is about feedback system that users can send back their comment to support team. The workshop start with “Design Session”, this is the place that tester and programmer start discuss about page flow, url, ux, ui and also they helping each other to create “example table” like an example below.

email message output
Blank Blank Invalid
Blank Something Invalid
Wrong Format Something Invalid

After finish, tester group was separated to another room for “Performance Test Session” and they will providing tool and scenario for testing this system. For developers and me, we start developing an application by using RSpec + Rails + Heroku. It was fun because this year we can implement the real system which is different from 3 previous years that I can only talked about concept and after session they just said “don’t know how to use it in the real world”.

By 4 pm, two groups joined again and they started preparing “Testing Session”. When the session start, dev team show their automate test result to test team. After that test team start hit the system with their load test tools. The session was end with every happy  result, test team understand the new way of working and dev team show that they were awesome and fixed problem very fast.

Finally, this year was good and people know more about ATDD, next year will be more fun (smile)